Tough Little Tutu


Last night , just before my little toddler Talulah’s bedtime, my family was all piled onto my daughters bed, uner her mosquito net. I was working on a yoga article I am writing for a Tennis Mag, my 12 year old and my partner were checking out the latest cell phones online, Tutu, as we call her, was snuggling in with us giggling. It was perfect.

All of the sudden Tutu got off the bed, and before anyone noticed, she had poured a thermos of boiling peppermint tea all over her face, mouth, neck and chest. This tea had just been poured, it was, literally boiling.

I am an excellent mother, these things don’t happen to me or my loved ones. But it did, and the moment demanded complete dharana, concentration.

I used to work in film and held my Occupational First Aid Level 3, but it was a long time ago, and when it is one’s baby, emotions take over.

Ambulance or not? How bad is it? She was crying, good sign. Then her skin , all over, began peeling and blistering, bad sign. Cold compresses on, blanket around her we dove into the car.

Car seat? No way, she’s burnt all over. Keep her in my lap and break the law endangering us even further? definately. She went into shock, and boy was I glad when we streaked into emergency.

I was in my slippers, didn’t have my wallet or any ID. Thank God I’d given birth at that hospital 12 years ago and I was still in the system.

While we were waiting to be seen a family came in, carrying a very sick 6 year old girl. H1N1. We sat there facing one another, that families face wearing masks, mine in tears. Instant empathy and community formed there, out of necessity.

Tutu has first and second degree burns to her chest, tummy, throat, mouth and right side of her face. She will be alright though. The nurses applied an antibiotic mesh screen-like adhesive to her torso, her face we anointed with antibacterial gel. She can’t eat, but luckily she can still nurse. This afternoon her buoyant spirit returned, she giggled and played though she looks awful. We sat outside and watched the birds on the feeder we keep for them.

And I prayed in Gratitude.And I prayed for the little girl from last night.

Then I threw that thermos out.

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3 Responses to Tough Little Tutu

  1. Poor little Tutu – and I just saw her looking so angelic and being so well-behaved on Wednesday. What a shock. Swift recovery – to all of you.

  2. Breelana Gallaher says:

    What a strong little Tutu!! I am almost in tears, even though I’ve already heard the story. She’s looking great! I’m very happy to hear THAT thermos has been banished to a dump!

  3. YogaSpy says:

    This is a nightmare scenario. I wish your baby girl a smooth recovery. With youth, healing comes quickly and fully (less so for adults), so I am optimistic.