escape essentials

Car Essentials:

I spend alot of time in my car. More than I care to be, but it’s my reality at the moment. At least we only have one car between us!

Since I spend so much time in my Escape (no pun intended), I carry with me certain things that make my commutes and times between classes easier and productive.

Thought I’d share, and see if anyone can add some more ideas!

A car blanket

An “eco-basket” full of extra socks, shoes, jackets, toys , diapers and wipes for baby.

A real stroller and a toy stroller for baby to push

A toothbrush, mascara and lip gloss

Runners and cramp-ons (snow is falling on the mtns)

A swimming bag with bathing suit, towel, flippers, goggles etc. (One never knows when a quick swim can be slipped in)

5 pink yoga mats tied up with a strap (kids classes, spontaneous yoga at friends places)

2 foam yoga blocks

Some good reading material. Alive magazine, Blogs on my blackberry, Vegan cookbook, The Prophet.

A bottle of Thieves throat spray ( H1N1)

A case of Thieves lozenges

A few Sunrider Sunbars to snack on

A thermos with warm Fortune Delight, raspberry flavour

A bottle of peppermint essential oil

An umbrella


A notebook and a few pens

A picture of my girls

Jumper cables and a whole whack of keys for various studios

How about you?

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  1. Melissa says:

    IPod in case of a radio failure/lack of good music!?

    Cold water bottle

    .. I used to spend a lot of time every day in the car on the way to soccer coaching… so usually turf boots and extra socks..

    ALWAYS a warm jacket/sweater/scarf (in case it’s colder than I expect!)

  2. YogaSpy says:

    Now, I typically like a clean and clear car (car as vehicle and not as spare closet). But talk about prepared! I’m impressed, Dhana.