Yoga and Journaling Workshop for Kids!


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Childrens Yoga at Bearfoot Play

Beginning April 1st, I am offering a yoga class for children ages 3.5-6 yrs at Bearfoot Play in Lynn Valley. Class will run 3.45-430 pm. There are still a few spaces available. Please contact to register.


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Kids Yoga Classes !

Little Feet Kids Yoga 2014!

Beginning Monday March 3, I will be teaching a six – week session of Children’s after-school yoga in North Vancouver. We will focus on exploring what yoga is, where it comes from, and why it’s different from gymnastics, the fundamentals of the poses, stress management through breathing exercises, self -esteem, positive body image, and cultivating kindness.

Ages: This class is geared towards children 6+, but if you have a 5 year old that shows interest, please contact me directly and we can discuss it.

Day and time: Mondays 3.45-4.45  (no classes March 17, 24 or April 21st)

Place: Corebody Pilates and Yoga Studio

Upstairs, 3120 Highland Blvd

Edgemont Village, North Vancouver 604 916 9335

Cost: $76 (discount for siblings) payment can be made by cc to the studio, cash, or by chq  to me made out to  Rodhan Management and Consulting.

*Class limited to 12 participants.

to register email –

Kids Yoga with Dhana Musil

Kids Yoga with Dhana Musil

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A beautiful reminder

I didn’t write this poem, Tara Mohr did. It’s inspirational and wise. Especially pertinent for today, as I’ve just arrived home after my 6am barre class at North Shore Barre Fitness–a room of women, up early to sculpt and strengthen–the following is a reminder to listen.

The One Deep Inside Your Chest

Step back and watch your body, being a body.
Watch an arm move through space, watch an ankle turn.

Watch your body, as it likes things or doesn’t,
as it gets scrapes and bruises
as the skin darkens and falls into folds.

Step back to the perimeter of the theater
and watch your body on the stage.

Recede to that quiet knowing:
For now, I am associated with this body –
not inside it, or one with it –
just associated, for a time.

Casing. Only casing.
Be kind to the casing if you like – put oils
on it and nourish it and move it to keep it stronger, for a time.
Never become it. There, only suffering.

Can you feel the one deep inside your chest,
who has existed forever?
Who has made a thousand journeys?
Who feels like a comet in the dark?
The inner filament?

I know, no one ever told you.
I know. It wasn’t the name you learned to write at school,
but that one is you.
That one is the real you.

Tara Sophia Mohr is an expert on women’s leadership and well-being. A coach, writer and teacher, she is the founder of the global Playing Big leadership program for women and author of the free 10 Rules for Brilliant Women Workbook.

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Savary Island Reiki and Yoga retreat 2013

The 2013 Savary Island Reiki and Yoga retreat is now open for registration. Please join Mari Okazaki and myself for an unforgetttable and inspirational retreat. Mari will guide you through the first level of Jikiden Reiki certification, and I will guide your body through daily Iyengar yoga practice. The retreat will be held at Hemingway Cottage, where our beloved Marilyn will nurture out bodies and souls with her divine cuisine. This is a small group environment, a very intimate setting that will bring peace, insight and balance into your life. Please contact Mari or myself regarding registration. Details in the poster below.

savary island 2013 poster

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By Thy Grace

By Thy Grace by Snatam Kaur on Grooveshark

This is what I play every morning upon waking. Before the news, before the dishes, before the exercise. It’s wonderful.

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The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

I am very proud and excited for my mentor/friend Ayelet Tsabari. Her book will be launched by Harper Collins this March and it is already listed as one of the most important books of 2013!

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Food Myths

I am currently focusing on digging into the real truths about food and nutrition-delving into some myths that may or may not be true, practicing meticulous label reading. This morning when I went to buy some cinnamon, the package I picked up contained hydrogenated cotton and soy oils! What?

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The Breath of Life

breath of life

*“If breathing stops so does life. Therefore, regulate the breath.”
A massage therapist recently referred a client to me who was having breathing issues. This is not an uncommon complaint. The degrees of it vary, but to breathe fully and deeply sometimes needs to be re-learned. Continue reading

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Daily Intentions



A gentle approach to goal setting.

  For many people, life is hectic and mornings seem harried no matter how early we get up. Setting an intention is a one of the tools in your Vibrant Life toolbox. In Sanskrit it’s called a Sankalpa. It is one of the most effective ways to align yourself with the direction you want your life to take. 
 If you practice yoga, your teacher may have suggested you to set an intention at the beginning of a class, as it helps gear the practice for your specific goals.  But you certainly don’t need to take yoga to benefit from intention setting.

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